IPT: Suitability Assessment

1.In similar stations when we assess suitability for a certain treatment shouldn’t we inform the patient about the outcome of the assessment?

Many thanks for comment on the IPT: Suitability Assessment station.

With regards to a 7 minute assessment of suitability having to include an explanation of your decision on whether a patient is suitable or not would take longer if this were to be done properly as you would also need to respond any queries they may have about your decision.

If the examiners did want to test your explanation skill they would use a linked station to determine your ability to do this e.g via discussion with a relative or Consultant.

Additionally, if you did have to explain your decision the actor would be cued to ask you this near the end of the station.

In this station, taking time to explain your reasoning and answering any queries on their suitability would detract away from the task of the station which is just to assess suitability.

However, if you find that you have time e.g 30 secs – 1min at the end of your assessment you could quickly summarise the key points you have found during the assessment to ‘demonstrate’ to the examiner that you understand which key points you have elicited to assess suitability.

e.g “Many thanks for speaking to me today, from our discussion I understand that you are suffering with moderate depressive symptoms which have come about from the death of your brother etc… (listing the relevant precipitants relevant to IPT e.g grief, role transitions etc.)… you also mentioned that you don’t drink alcohol or take illicit drugs, have never attempted to harm yourself, have had no other strange experiences e.g hearing voices and are motivated to engage in any therapy that could be offered”