• Are the questions on the course exactly the same as the CASC exam?

    No. All of the scenarios on the course are original and where possible have been based around previous candidates anecdotal recollection of scenarios they faced in the exam.

  • Did the examiners you approach tell you how to pass actual stations in the CASC exam?

    No. All examiners correctly respect college copyright and examination regulations. They provided guidance on approaching these original scenarios based on their specialised clinical and academic experience whilst also clarifying their own expectations of a candidate facing these original scenarios.

    No exact details of previous questions or constructs were sought or required. Our driving philosophy is for you to pass the CASC by improving your clinical acumen with presence, compassion and adaptability. Not by question learning!

  • I practice Psychiatry internationally, can I use this for my own post-graduate examinations?

    This course is specifically geared for the MRCPsych CASC. However, as other international exams do use a similar OSCE format you will find the content relevant. Please take a look at the Free Trial videos and tutorials to ensure the content meets with your own training curriculum.

  • Why can’t I use my account on 2 separate devices at once?

    This is to secure user privacy. Please ensure to read our Terms and Conditions before you subscribe.

  • Why can’t I download the videos and tutorials onto my computer?

    As I’m sure you can understand, this is for copyright protection.

  • How long does each video on the course last?

    All videos last 7 minutes reflecting the exact time candidates receive in the new format MRCPsych CASC exam.

    Each of the videos also display a countdown timer to guide on interview pace with additional visual commentary to demonstrate suggested interview structure. Please take a look at the Free Trial section for examples.

  • How long do each of the tutorials on the course last?

    Tutorials can last anywhere from 8 minutes to 1 hour. The tutorials are ‘timestamped’ and follow a standard structure going through suggested structure, potential phrases, relevant core clinical material and possible alternate scenarios.

    Please take a look at the Free Trial section for examples.

  • How do I receive the lecture notes for the course?

    All of the lecture notes used in the audio-visual tutorials are available for download in their relevant section.

    You can then print out the relevant ones you wish to go through personally or in your study group. Please download the lecture notes for the relevant free-trial videos in the Free Trial section for examples.


  • I’m not exactly sure which day my exam will be during CASC week – would you be able to extend my 6 week subscription for a few days if I needed to?

    Absolutely! If you find you do need a few extra days to access to the course up until your exam date just send us an email (prior to your exam day) and we will extend this for you free of charge.

  • I am a core Psychiatry trainee would you recommend this as a study tool?

    Yes. We believe that preparing to pass the MRCPsych CASC actually starts at the beginning of core Psychiatry training. 

    Candidates who are already ‘unconsciously competent’ in their interview skill always stand a much higher chance of passing the CASC in their first attempt as their skills are already adaptable to the pressure situations that commonly occur in the CASC.

    It can be more challenging to ‘un-learn’ poor interview technique as you progress later in your training. Additionally, doing this whilst also learning the clinical content for the CASC inevitably makes preparation and performance much more stressful.

    As a study tool this course provides a varied exposure to the baseline standards of psychiatric interviewing and clinical knowledge expected in the MRCPsych CASC.

    It will allow you to accelerate the development of your own interview style so it is already natural and adaptable before you prepare for the exam.

  • How do I make the most effective use of the course?

    It is recommended that before subscribing you have suitable seniors to provide you with individualised feedback on your performances during your revision. Additionally, you must find a positive and enthusiastic study group with which to practice.

    Decide how long you wish to revise for and plan to cover all of the modules during this period. We usually recommend starting with the specialties you have not yet covered or find the most difficult followed by the more familiar modules later in your revision to reduce stress and improve confidence as the exam approaches.

    Each video is accompanied by a relevant tutorial which you can view as many times you wish until you feel familiar with their content. 

    Practice the scenarios with your seniors, study group and where possible in clinical situations. During the final period of your revision use the 45 Second Simulator programme to perfect your exam technique.

  • How can I be sure that the course will run smoothly on my device?

    Please use the Free Trial. If you are able to view the videos and tutorials smoothly you won’t have any problems viewing the rest of the course as long as you’re using a similar internet speed.

    A minimum connection speed of at least 1.5Mbps is advised and you must ensure to use the latest version of your browser.

  • Will I be able to view the videos on my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes. The website is completely responsive so all videos, tutorials and simulators work perfectly on your smartphone or tablet.