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Video: Serotonin Syndrome

Video Examples

This video example demonstrates a sample of key exam techniques taught in Pass The CASC as well as the communication skills assessed by examiners in this type of station.

We’re extremely proud of our course content and decided to release over 20 videos from Pass The CASC to enable candidates to learn with confidence for free on YouTube.  

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Pass the CASC

Tutorial: Serotonin Syndrome

Tutorial Examples

All of our CASC videos are accompanied with a related audio-visual tutorial revealing the succinct structure, relevant phrases, core clinical knowledge and key advice to ensure you excel in every station.

We’ve also released over 20 related Tutorials from Pass The CASC for candidates to learn with confidence for free on YouTube.  

Watch further Tutorial examples from the Pass The CASC Channel here:

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Pass the CASC

Key 1: Know Your Exam-Self (Excerpt)

The 3-Keys

Consistency! In order to pass the MRCPsych CASC you must be consistent in your performance across all 16 stations.

We believe that consistency is unlocked with mastering ‘The 3-Keys’: Knowing Your Exam-self (Optimising your mindset), Knowing the Exam (Mastering your exam-technique) and Knowing the Subject.

Watch Dr. Mishra in an excerpt from Key 1: Know your Exam-self.

Pass the CASC

CASC Simulator

CASC Simulator

Structure building! The ability to create and conduct a structured interview is critical for any candidate aiming to pass their MRCPsych CASC

We specifically designed the unique ‘CASC Simulator’ to help subscribers accelerate their development of this fundamental skill.

Watch Dr. Mishra explain the ‘CASC Simulator’ to learn more.

Course Contents:

Over 120 original high quality CASC training videos.

Over 120 original high quality CASC training videos based upon the wide range of clinical scenarios encountered in the MRCPsych CASC exam. All topics arranged into History taking, Examination and Patient Management as per the MRCPsych CASC syllabus published in March 2023. Each 7 minute video displays a timed visual commentary  demonstrating the Communication Skills and Structured Interview technique assessed in every station.  

Over 100 high quality audio-visual tutorials and download PDFs.

Over 100 high quality audio-visual tutorials with succinct structures and phrases to assist with natural interview style development, core clinical knowledge and additional advice on previous and potential future CASC scenarios. Tutorial slides available to download as PDFs.

1:1 video lectures to optimise exam mindset, revision strategy and exam technique.

The ‘3-Keys’ –  3 x 1:1 video lectures recorded specifically to optimise exam mindset (Know your Exam-Self), exam technique (Know the Exam) and revision strategy (Know the Subject) to ensure consistency in performance during your revision and exam.

CASC Simulators to optimise the skill of structure building for CASC scenarios.

CASC Simulators to optimise the skill of structure building for CASC scenarios. The skill of building an interview structure within 90 seconds or 4 minutes is essential for you to navigate through each CASC station in your exam. Our course contains the unique ‘CASC Simulators’ programme that is specifically designed to help accelerate the development the critical skill of structure building. 

CASC group practice revision workbook.

CASC group practice revision workbook containing 35 of the most commonly asked CASC scenarios to practice in your study group.

Full revision plan.

Full revision plan to measure progress and ensure all scenarios are covered during your preparation.  

Elegant and fully responsive website design.

Elegant and fully responsive website design allows for speed of access and revising on the move via Smartphone or Tablet.

Multiple subscription options with 3-day 100% refund guarantee.

Multiple subscription options available as a 6 week, 3 month or 6 month subscription.

We completely understand trainees employ a variety of learning strategies. We’re therefore extremely happy to provide a 100% refund if you discover you’re not able to learn effectively from our course. Our 100% refund policy lasts for 3 days from the date of your original subscription. I’m sure you can understand, as per our Terms & Conditions, our 3-day 100% refund policy is not available if you’re subscribing within 14 days of CASC week..

I’m not exactly sure which day my exam will be during CASC week – would you be able to extend my subscription for a few days if I needed to?

Absolutely! We understand you may not have been allocated your exam date yet. If you find you do need a brief extension to access to the course up until your exam date just send us an email (prior to your exam day) and we will extend this for you free of charge. (You can extend your subscription up to a maximum of 7 days at no additional cost.) 

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We’ve over 10 years success preparing candidates to pass their MRCPsych CASC and extremely confident you’ll benefit too. However, if for any reason, you feel you can’t learn effectively from our course we’ll be happy to offer you a 100% refund within 3 days of your original subscription date.*

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