• Over 120 brand-new 7 minute CASC videos based upon scenarios commonly faced in the new format MRCPsych CASC exam.
  • All stations are conducted by Dr. Mishra so unlike any other CASC video-based teaching available the course demonstrates a proven, consistent and systematic exam technique that can be applied to all scenarios. 
  • Over 100 high quality audio-visual tutorials with succinct structures and phrases to assist with natural interview style development, core clinical knowledge and additional advice on previous and potential future CASC scenarios.
  • Download PDFs on all audio-visual tutorials ideal for quick revision any mobile device.
  • 1:1 video lectures to optimise exam mindset, revision strategy and exam technique to ensure consistency in performance during your revision and exam.
  • Timed visual commentary on all videos demonstrating consistent essential exam technique required to pass the MRCPsych CASC. 
  • Elegant and fully responsive design for speed of access and revising on the move via Smartphone or Tablet.
  • CASC simulator programme containing over 100 questions to assist with the critical exam-technique of structure building. 

Recent testimonials from our 2021 UK & ROI subscribers:



  • Pass the is a very thorough and well planned course. I found the videos particularly helpful for time management and communication skills. which is a struggle for many candidates. Wonderful course. I highly recommend it and managed to pass 16/16 stations.

    Dr. Giacobone (Republic of Ireland trainee)

    Passed September 2021

  • “It is a great resource! I found Pass the very useful especially when I used the downloads to review the transcript of the videos it also had other possible scenarios of the same question. The last week of my revision was spent going over the videos and I passed 16 out of 16 stations.”

    Dr.Obienu (Republic of Ireland Trainee)

    Passed September 2021

  • I am very grateful to have passed the January 2021 CASC on my first attempt. The format of these videos is unique as you can see the O/D/P/I method visually utilised within the time restrictions. The knowledge can then be reinforced with the corresponding tutorial video if needed. It is also beneficial to watch the professional yet warm and empathetic way that Dr Mishra interacts with the patients in the videos. I consider this to be a vital skill for CASC and the difference between passing and failing a station. I would recommend the videos to anybody preparing for CASC as a way to consolidate the final stages of their preparation.

    Dr.Puttaroo (CT2 London Deanery)

    Passed January 2021

  • I am already a HST in Ireland and decided to take the CASC. Your course was indeed very helpful and I wish I’d discovered it earlier! I’m so glad I passed as I now have the option to work anywhere in the UK in the future!

    Dr.Zulijana (Republic of Ireland trainee)

    Passed January 2021

  • I would like to thank your for your hard work in making excellent study materials for the CASC examination. I watched all of the videos on Pass the CASC and it definitely helped me a lot. Thank you!

    Dr.Rafiq (Republic of Ireland trainee)

    Passed January 2021

  • I was quite anxious about the CASC exam due to what I’d heard from fellow international colleagues and would not have passed my January CASC exam without Pass the CASC. I liked the structure and content of the various modules and especially loved the way Dr. Mishra dispelled the various myths we international medical graduates had about the CASC exam. I would strongly recommend Pass the CASC to everyone taking the exam

    Dr. Oni (Specialty Doctor, Lancaster UK)

    Passed January 2021